Stewardship Renewal 2021-2022

What is Stewardship Renewal:

  • The Parish of Christ the King's stewardship renewal campaign is an annual ask of parishioners to renew their time, talent and treasure. 
  • We ask all parishioners to fill it out every year to recommit to ministries they are already active in or indicate interest in joining a new ministry. Even if you've filled out the form in previous years, we need your renewed commitment this year. 
  • By filling out the stewardship commitment form we are able to connect you with the leaders of the specific ministries you show interest in. Submit your form and our ministry leads will be in touch. 
  • Stewardship renewal is required for all Marquette families seeking active parishioner status.
  • Parishioners may fill out the form online (link below) or find commitment cards (small brochure) in the vestibule of the church. 




A Word From Our Pastor:

To the people of the Parish of Christ the King: 

“But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33)

Over the last two years we have been working together to build the Kingdom of God. This three-year parish plan is a direct response to Bishop Konderla's pastoral letter issued in the Spring of 2018 titled, “God Builds a House.” In his letter, he asked the parishes of the Diocese of Tulsa to design plans that would strengthen families, form Catholic leaders, and make missionary disciples. 

As you may recall, our focus until now has been better understanding the person of Jesus Christ, fostering a personal relationship with Him, and becoming more familiar with the Church and her teachings.

This year, we turn our focus outward as we "Build the Kingdom of God Among Us."

We are made for communion with God and through Him, for communion with others. Part of this communion is an intentional sharing of the Person of Jesus Christ with those we encounter in our daily lives. This year, we will focus on practicing missionary skills:

  • sharing the Gospel,
  • serving the poor,
  • gathering in intentional community,
  • sharing our personal testimonies and our faith with family, friends, and coworkers,
  • and inviting others into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

These tasks can seem intimidating, but God has called us for this mission, and He equips us with everything we need.

As a parish, let us labor together and pray for a fruitful year of living out the Gospel!

All for His Kingdom, 

Fr. Elkin J. González