CTK Emergency Ministry

While there are many wonderful community resources available, the Social Justice Commission has created the CTK Emergency Ministry specifically geared to help parishioners of Christ the King. While the needs of our parishioners are all different during these unprecedented times, this ministry aims to provide support in a variety of ways. From help with grocery shopping to regular check-in calls or assistance with rent, we are all in this together.

Below you will find a list of available services provided by the CTK Emergency Ministry. To request help, use our dedicated phone number (918-584-0354) or email address (CTKhotline@christthekingcatholic.church). We understand that circumstances can change overnight, but our parish is here to support you. This new ministry will support our parishioners in four key areas:  

  1. Financial Support - Assistance for parishioners who are facing extreme financial hardship due to this pandemic (can’t pay rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.). 
  2. Errands and Support - Assistance for parishioners in need of help with grocery or prescription shopping/delivery, dog walking or other general errands. This support will include both running the errand and/or covering the cost. 
  3. Buddy Calls - Regular check-in calls for parishioners who may live alone and/or feel isolated.
  4. Small Business Support - We have curated a list of parishioner-owned businesses and how best we can support them. See full list.  
    1. If you are a small business owner and want to ensure your business is listed, please email the ministry at ctksmallbusinesssupport@christthekingcatholic.church

For those looking to support fellow parishioners and this ministry, there are multiple ways to help. We are actively seeking volunteers to serve on the Errands and Support Team and/or the Buddy Calls team. If interested, please call the dedicated number above.

As it relates to the financial support initiative, they have established a dedicated fund - named St. Roch's Fund - for those parishioners who would like to make financial contributions.




Prayer to St. Roch

O blessed, St. Roch, you have cared with great generosity and charity for the sick affected by the plague. By the sign of the cross, God has granted you many times to heal the afflicted who were considered lost. With great confidence, we ask you to intercede before the Lord, and in accord with His will, to obtain from Him the improvement and healing needed by those affected with serious illnesses. Save us from epidemics. Help us in all diseases of the body but especially in those of the soul.