October 19, 2021

The disciples asked Jesus, "Where do you dwell?" and Jesus responded, "Come and see."


The Rite of Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which persons interested in becoming Catholic or for Catholics wishing to complete their Sacraments of Initiation through a prayerful study of our faith. The class teaches about the mystery of the Catholic faith and life with the opportunity for Baptism and entering into full communion with the Catholic Church. 

  • Education: Participants will come to understand the Catholic experience of faith in all its rich historical, theological, and spiritual depth.
  • Prayer: Participants will be invited to make a daily commitment to prayer and reflection throughout the course of the class. This prayerful attitude will help participants to be more open to the gift of faith itself.
  • Personal Application: Participants will be given reflection questions following each session which will help them to apply the instruction to their personal lives.
  • Community: Participants will be encouraged to share their experience of faith with one another and become part of the larger parish community.
  • Retreats: Retreat days included in this series offer a period of prayer and reflection on particularly important themes.

Additionally, RCIA is a great way for practicing Catholics to renew their faith. 

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. in Fletcher Hall. 


  • Deacon Dean Wersal, 918-584-4788 | dwersal@christthekingcatholic.church

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