Marriage Preparation Requirements for Parish of Christ the King

1. Initial meeting with a priest or deacon assigned to the Parish of Christ the King:Although other ministers may receive permission to witness weddings at Christ the King, it is the duty of the parish-assigned clergy to conduct and supervise the preparation process, including the spiritual formation, referral to other ordained and/or lay ministers, and the completion of the PNI and other canonical requirements.

2.Participation in the Catholic Engagement Encounter: This weekend is infused with the witness of Catholic married couples, rooted in Church teachings, and focused on individual-couple discussions. The Encounter will initially take place in our facilities as arranged by the Diocesan Office of Family Life. Some future dates areSeptember 7–9, 2018 and November 16–18, 2018. Future dates and locations will be communicated by the Office of Family Life of the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma. Cost for the Weekend: $250 per couple – Includes hotel accommodations for two nights, meals, and materials for the weekend. For more information, contact Jeremy J. Priest, STL, Office of Family Life and Pro-Life Activities, Catholic Diocese of Tulsa, Mobile: 918-383-0878. Registration Form: Until the Tulsa CEE website is up and running, couples planning to attend should register here:

3. Couple to Couple:In addition to meetings with the assigned clergy, the engaged couple will meet with a mentor couple for a series of 5 meetings of about 2- 2 1/2 hours each. The program uses the "For Better and For Ever" workbooks, which can be obtained at the parish office for $20. Please contact the coordinating couple, Philip and Maria Monhaut, at least six months before the wedding, who will assign the mentor couple. Phone: 918-745-2170 Email: 

4Marriage Counselor Session: The couple will meet with Ron Tremblay, LPC, to work on a personality inventory and marriage preparation assessment -Prepare/Enrich. It usually takes 2 sessions of 1-1 ½ hours each to complete. Please contact at least 2 months before the wedding. Email: RonJTremblay@gmail.comText/Phone: 918-760-2209. No cost involved.

5. NFP Informational Meeting:The couple will attend a two-hour informational meeting on Natural Family Planning. Meetings will take place in the Bl. Stanley Rother Conference Room once a month. No cost involved. Additional meetings can be arranged with the coordinator. Please contact Megan Allen. Phone: 254-498-9841. Email:

6. Other Requirements:Important aspects such as liturgy, facilities, wedding coordinator, and music are addressed in the parish wedding booklet and can be discussed with the pertinent members of our personnel. 

Ongoing Support:

After the wedding, the couple will receive invitations from parish ministries that offer community and spiritual support to couples and families in the spirit of the Domestic Church, such as One Heart, 3D, ACTS, Adoration, Women´s Ministries, Men´s Ministries, Couples Receptions, and others.