Youth Mission Trip

The Youth Mission Trip is designed to take our students who are already involved in our youth ministry to a level of seeking or missionary discipleship. We intentionally design each day so that our students have multiple access points to encounter the Lord in authentic ways. During the day the students and mentors will have the opportunity to help others in a hands-on approach, participate in construction projects, see Christ in others and those they serve, surrender themselves to become vulnerable for the sake of Divine Encounter, and accept their Baptismal call to be a part of the Body of Christ. In the evenings, they will have the opportunity for prayer, praise and worship, the rosary, adoration, reconciliation, reflections, Mass, and faith witness in very intentional settings. We want to teach the students to take ownership of their faith and to view the Church not as something that just caters to them but as the living Body of Christ.

Jeff Scardino, or Adam Stoermer,