Guatemala Mission

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation” (Mk 16:15).

The Parish of Christ the King provides parishioners with the opportunity to live out our Lord’s commandment in a particular way through the annual Guatemala Mission Trip.

Each summer, a group of approximately twenty adult parishioners travel to the small village of San Lucas on Lake Atitlan to engage in works of service, form bonds of solidarity with the local indigenous population, and learn about the social, political, and economic factors that govern systemic poverty. The experience of serving some of the poorest people in the world is a life-changing and faith-inspiring experience. If you have never spent time serving the poor in the Third World, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to step outside your comfort zone and open yourself to the graces God wants to pour into your life by taking the next step in your discipleship and participating in the Guatemala Mission Trip!

Mission Trip participants work with local volunteers who are part of the “Friends of San Lucas” mission team to identify and assist at various service sites. Service projects include building stoves, constructing homes, assisting with coffee bean harvest, and so forth. The Mission Trip is limited to adult members of the parish community (age 18 and older).

The Mission Trip is usually departs Tulsa on a Saturday with return flights scheduled one week later on the next Saturday. Mission volunteers attend a series of informational meetings for several months prior to the experience to ensure that all participants are prepared in every possible way for the physical, medical, spiritual, and personal impact of the experience.

Sign up for the Mission Trip begins in late fall. There is usually a waiting list, so it is best to indicate your interest earlier rather than later. Costs of the Mission Trip are paid by those participating in it.

There are several reasons why the Parish of Christ the King has selected the Mission of San Lucas as our destination for service to the poor. These reasons include the following:

Proximity to Tulsa — Travel to Guatemala is relatively easy and does not involve overwhelming expense or change of time zones. This ease of travel helps make participation accessible for parishioners who may not have many days to recover upon their return home. It is also important to know that some of the world’s poorest people live so close to the wealth and comfort of the United States.

History of Mission San Lucas — The Mission of San Lucas has a successful and well-established history of accommodating mission trips for faith-based organizations. The Catholic Church has been in this part of Guatemala since the early Spanish Franciscans first established the missions in the 16th century.  The hospitality and organization of San Lucas ensures that parishioners from Tulsa can experience readily and safely the depths of Third World poverty in a supportive and encouraging way.  For more information on the history of the San Lucas Mission, click the following link. Friends of San Lucas 

Connection with Oklahoma — Mission San Lucas is only fifteen miles from another mission on Lake Atitlan named Santiago. The Catholic Church in Oklahoma sponsored Mission Santiago Atitlan for nearly 40 years from the early 1960s until the early 2000s.  One Oklahoma priest, Fr. Stanley Rother, was martyred in the rectory of Mission Santiago during the night of July 28, 1981. His cause for canonization is proceeding. Participants in the Guatemala Mission Trip will have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Santiago and celebrate Mass in the very room where Fr. Rother was martyred. As an Oklahoma priest who gave his life for the Gospel and the people of Guatemala, it is important for the Catholic faithful to learn about him and his great witness of faith.

Here is a brief testimony from one of the recent participants of the Guatemala Mission Trip:  

"In May 2015, a group of parishioners from Christ the King parish joined their pastor and spiritual leader Msgr. Mueggenborg on a Parish mission to San Lucas Atitlan, Guatemala, hoping to experience the plight of the poor and to take the next step in their Christian journey. The group of seventeen men and women were of all ages and backgrounds but all shared the same thirst and curiosity to expand their horizons and step out of the comfort of their first-world surroundings.  After departing Tulsa on Saturday morning May 30th, the group arrived at the main port of entry and capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City. From there, the group boarded three small busses and headed toward Lake Atitlan, about four hours outside the city. Among the several small towns and cities located on the shores of this volcanic lake, San Lucas was founded by the Franciscans in 1584. The mission group from Christ the King spent seven days and nights in San Lucas Atitlan building houses, learning about the local culture and mission history, attending daily mass, and opening their hearts and eyes to the face of God among them. In addition to the time in San Lucas, the Mission group also traveled across the lake in order to visit the place where Father Stanley Rother was Martyered. A native Oklahoman, Father Rother and the work he did with the Guatemalan people is of particular importance to Catholics in NE Oklahoma." 

Friends of San Lucas

For more information contact Fr. Elkin Gonzalez, 918-584-4788,