Pastoral Care


The clergy of the Parish of Christ the King try to visit all parishioners when they are required to spend time in the hospital. Please call the parish office when you or a member of your family enters the hospital so we can be sure to include them on our hospital visitation list. 

Please contact the parish office at 918-584-4788.


It is not easy to grieve the loss of a loved one. The challenge of continuing with your life in a changed way can be especially difficult as you face the holidays and other significant events. While your loss is deeply personal, you are not alone in this experience. There are other parishioners who have faced the same challenge and passed through the same grief. They now desire to accompany others through the process as well. The Kindred Spirit - Widows Ministry provides an opportunity for a gathering of widows for fellowship, spiritual, emotional, and practical support. "Kindred" literally means similar to somebody or something; close to somebody or something else because of similar experiences or life events. The group usually meets once a month. Other events vary.


Volunteers prepare cards to parishioners who are ill, suffering the grief of having lost a loved one, celebrating the birth of a new baby, experiencing the joy of getting married, or becoming new parishioners at our parish. Cards are purchased, addressed and brought to the parish office for the pastor to sign and offer his sentiments. The cards are then mailed.


Pastoral Care ministers visit the sick who are homebound or in nursing care facilities and sometimes bring the Eucharist (in this case volunteers must be a commissioned Eucharistic Minister.) Please contact Deacon Loren Luschen if you are interested in helping with this ministry; if you are already taking Communion to someone; or if you know someone who is in need of such ministry.


If you would like to arrange an appointment to receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick for yourself or for a loved one, please contact the parish office at 918-584-4788.