Join the Colossians Challenge
Three Weeks | Three Prayer Partners


The Colossians Challenge is an initial step to embrace the gifts of peace and joy that Christ offers us by cultivating a daily discipline of prayer and spiritual reflection. You need a willing heart, two more prayer partners (group of 3), and to faithfully commit to the practice of the prayers and devotions found in the Colossians Challenge brochure (available below) during the three week challenge. 

The purpose is to help you establish a discipline of prayer and introduce you to the joy of discipleship. Once the challenge is finished, you will have the confidence to invite others to do the same and be the one who brings others to Christ. Thank you for taking the challenge! 

Click HERE to read the brochure about the challenge.

Click the links below to register. Note: On the option to register your group you will need to select the number "3" then complete the information for each member of your group.

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